Blue Prince Trailer

BLUE PRINCE is a first person adventure game with unique strategic elements. An engaging mystery in which you are the architect, drafting and crafting the very world you are exploring.


The Rooms of Blue Prince

Your bequest has begun.
Simon has just inherited a large estate known as Mt. Holly, a location famous for its shifting rooms and puzzling floor plans. To him, the ever changing nature of the house makes each day of exploring that much more exciting. Each door holds the promise of adventure and endless possibilities, as the rooms and mysteries beyond are never the same.

The Story of Blue Prince

Explore a building’s many stories
From the lower depths of the catacombs to the upper lofts of the attic, the rooms of Mt. Holly all have their own secrets. Discover the traces of a past swept away by trivial wefts of conversation and convention. A family that values their own name above all other words is, after all, never shy in hiding its letters.

Screenshots & Media

Screenshots & Media

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